Aethic Sôvée, world's only sunscreen with a Triple-Filter and patented ecocompatible formula is safer and softer for your skin and the oceans. It's the first to be certified Marine Positive.

Why choose Sôvée?

Use Sôvée and you protect and nurture your skin better knowing that you are not damaging life in the oceans. Aethic Sôvée - the world's first and only sunscreen to have a Triple-Filter, an ecocompatible patent and to be certified Marine Positive

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  • Spanish retailer goes blue too

    El Corte Inglés, the leading Spanish department store chain, has joined a growing number of retailers to ‘go blue’ and acknowledge the importance of safeguarding oceans and marine life. The group has just completed a successful online trial of the AETHIC skincare range which includes Sôvée sunscreen. Sôvée triple-filter sunscreen is the only product to […]

  • Aethic first to use new clear MATER-BI packaging film

      Aethic, the London-based skincare company that launched Sôvée, world’s only scientifically proven ecocompatible sunscreen, is to be the first cosmetics company to use a clear packaging film specially developed by Italian MATER-BI manufacturer Novamont. The material is to debut with Aethic’s next production run of its sunscreens and face creams. The transparent thin film material used […]

  • Out of the Blue – Aethic l’Air Bien

      Out of the Blue – Aethic l’Air Bien Our new in-flight skin rehydration cream, will take off with Blue Panorama Airlines. We are to supply their Business Class passengers. Blue Panorama Airlines is based in Italy and flies to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Greece, Egypt, Spain, Albania and within Italy itself.