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  • Exclusive worldwide license

    Aethic granted exclusive worldwide license for use of seaweed compound Skincare company Aethic has been granted an exclusive worldwide license by King’s College London for the use of their novel formulations containing a naturally occurring compound found in seaweed which protects skin from the sun’s most harmful UV rays. The active ingredient, to be known […]

  • Real yachtsman

    Vendée Globe yachtsman ‘goes blue’ to save coral from sunscreens   New Zealander Conrad Colman, whose yacht is 100% naturally powered, is joining the fight to save coral from sunscreen damage with The Going Blue Foundation.   He will be promoting the foundation’s “Coral is Moral” campaign and will also be using world’s only proven […]

  • People love Aethic

    Annabel van Westerop, current world no.2 kitesurfer, is an Ambassadress for AETHIC and uses Sôvée during competition. Photo credit: Jonathan Beana

  • Coral is Moral

    Aethic is supporting a campaign to save coral from sunscreen damage with a £1 donation from each bottle of Aethic Sôvée triple-filtre sunscreen sold during the summer of 2016. Sôvée is the only sunscreen that has been scientifically validated and patented to leave coral intact. Most other sunscreens inflict irreparable damage on coral. To fight […]