Is Aethic a new company?

Yes, it is. Its first product is Aethic Sôvée. Many more are to follow with the same philosophy.


What is Aethic’s mission?

We are making Aethic the skincare company that meets the needs of people like you. People who put their skin only just ahead of the environment and recognise the relationship between skin and nature as being a mutually beneficial one. We want to live with a clear conscience and give you the chance to do the same.


Who is behind Aethic?

The main people have a lifetime of knowledge in over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. They have worked for the likes of Maybelline, Colgate-Palmolive, Parfums Christian Dior, Coca Cola, London International, Schwarzkopf and also worked in food – where ingredients are quite critical! Having collected these experiences they set out to establish a company that would break the mould and innovate. One of them is also a co-founder of The Going Blue Foundation and Marine Positive.


Are all the ingredients in Aethic Sôvée organic?

It is our objective to make effective products that are fully organic.

All the moisturisers and support ingredients in Sôvée are organic. As yet, there are no purely organic sun filters on the market in the true sense of that word. Even so called ‘natural’ sun filters are not organic as they are always treated extractions (compounds) of minerals. More on this here.

We have used the best sun filters available. They are ‘organic compounds’ called chemical filters and have been thoroughly tested to be photo-stable and provide your skin with broad-spectrum protection.


What does marine positive mean?

It means that a product does less harm and more good to the marine environment. Its net contribution is positive. In the case of Aethic Sôvée, the product already has a very low acquatrail because the cream is fully ecocompatible and the bottle is too. Only transportation needed to be ultra-offset and this being done, the product qualified for that certification.


When will the product be available in stores?

We decided to launch online first for a host of reasons. Not least the ease with which we could reach you. Our next phase of expansion is definitely to include more luxury retail outlets you can walk into. We’ll keep you informed when you register here.


Any other questions?


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