People love Aethic

Annabel van Westerop

Annabel van Westerop, current world no.2 kitesurfer

Annabel is an Ambassadress for AETHIC and uses Sôvée during competition. Photo credit: Jonathan Beana


you and the ocean

Rochelle Ballard – Women’s Masters ISA World Champion 2012 (Surfing)

Me and my surfer girlfriends have been using it the last two weeks.  It smells good, feels good and works well. Now that I sampled it I’m actually missing it in my life. I really enjoy the smell and it isn’t too thick on the skin.  Please send more 🙂 

Alexandra Cousteau, National Geographic Emerging Explorer & Ocean/Water Advocate. 

I believe in what you are doing. And the product itself is wonderful.

Martha Blanchfield, Sailing Photographer and Competitive Sailor

Talk with an outdoors athlete and often times, if that person is fully engaged in a sport, re-applying sunscreen after a few hours forgets to be done. I’ll go 4, 5 or 6 hours on the boat before I remember. The combination of wind, salt and reflected sun can brutal. I expect my face to pay the price, but with Aethic Sôvée 40 SPF I’m not getting that tight and sunburned feel at the end of the day. It doesn’t feel beat up.

Gill McGovern

I have come through treatment for quite a serious illness and so am very particular about what I eat and use on my skin. I used the cream over the last couple of days of our Summer weather(!) and was delighted. It is a fantastic product, spreads well, really does protect from the sun and is good for the environment, what more can a girl ask for!

Meryem Mortell, owner Zayane modern Moroccan Restaurant, Notting Hill, London

I went to see my dermatologist today and she said “your skin looks amazing, what have you been using?” so I told her – AETHIC Bonjour resplending cream and AETHIC Bonne Nuit replenishing cream.

Sarah Beardmore, Former UK  No. 1 surfer.

The best sunscreen I have ever used! And so nice on the face which is always usually a problem when surfing.

Katja Roose, professional Kitesurfer, 1st Woman in Red Bull Coast2Coast 2015. Ist in World Cup slalom, current no 1 in World Rankings and World Champion 2012/2014

Sôvée smells really nice, moisturises well and does not feel greasy. Useful, because with kiting I do not want slippery hands. With other products, as they stream across my face, I often have stinging eyes. With Sôvée, nothing at all, it felt so great! During the RedBull Coast2Coast I was only able to apply it once for the race yet I was not burnt and had soft skin. I applied it at 10am, started racing at 12.45 and was on the water till 14.15 plus all the media stuff on the beach afterwards. A great result, I was really pleased.

Hanna Whiteley, pro kitesurfer, Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

I made sure to use my Aethic suncream everyday. I have to say I was very impressed. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it has a lovely scent. The next thing I noticed was that it doesn’t seem to leave your hands very oily, which is important in kitesurfing. If the suncream is very oily it can make your hands slippery on the bar which is not something you want when competing. Thirdly I had no rash or spots using the cream.

Kathleen Baird-Murray, Financial Times

Even biodegradable sunscreens can still do irreparable damage, triggering viruses usually dormant in algae and decimating coral and plankton, according to skincare brand Aethic, whose Sôvée sunscreen is patented as ecocompatible rather than eco-friendly. With great sun-aware advice on the bottle itself, this London-based brand’s product has three filters for broad-spectrum protection and also scores top marks for ecocompatibility.

Annelie Pompe – Swedish Adventurer, Climber, Freediver and Motivational Speaker

Finally a sunscreen that is great for both humans and nature. I spend a lot of time in extremely sunny environments, both in the sea and at high altitude, so I use sun screen a lot, and this is by far my favourite. I love it!

Paul Brennan, Manchester, England

Unbelievable!  I have been diagnosed with Polymorphic light eruption and also been tested and confirmed allergic to sunscreens and the majority of key ingredients.  I have literally tried hundreds of different brands with no luck until I came across Aethic Sôvée.  I am now able to go in the sun – which I never thought would happen again. Amazing!

Zen Wallis, New Zealand Team, 2015 ISA world Surfing Games

It’s super reassuring knowing that heading off to a country in Central America like Nicaragua, I have my sun protection sorted. I’ll be able surf in the really warm water without a shirt and won’t have to worry about getting sunburnt or worry that the chemicals in the sunscreen I put on could be doing damage to my skin. It also doesn’t make my hands body or surfboard slippery like every other sunscreen I’ve tried and doesn’t make a mess or stain things like Zinc. It doesn’t clog my skin and I don’t feel like I have to wash it out of my skin after my surfs. You forget it’s even there.

Mary Forbes, Retail Manager, Parrot Cay by COMO, Turks & Caicos

I had a few guests who have very sensitive skin and they were highly satisfied with the results especially because they tried Sôvée on their sunburn and it was very soothing.

Ms Rachna Sharma, Laser and Beauty Therapist, Beauty Works West, London

Post laser treatment, Sôvée’s ingredients allow the skin to calm and heal with the added benefit of protecting it without leaving the skin feeling heavy.  The use of the lavender is very calming and anti-inflammatory.  Sôvée can help with any treatment that increases skin heat.

Ajita Patel, England


I’ve been using the SPF25 on a daily basis for 2 weeks now and genuinely love it! It’s a thin blend, spreads and applies easily, absorbing into the skin wothout too much rubbing in. Has a beautiful subtle fragrance that perks me up every morning and transports me to tropical shores…if only for a few seconds alas! I have sensitive skin and had no reaction to this. It feels so smooth and silky on the skin that i also use as it my moisturiser and sunscreen protection in one.  My skin feels totally healthy, non greasy and natural as if i have nothing on it.

Myriam Kindt, Belgium


I find the cream very good. It’s not oily so that I also use it as day cream for my face.  Our grandson is allergic to many sunscreens and with this one he has no problems. To be used again.


Serena Massa, Archeologist, Italy


During a three week archeological dig in Eritrea I used Sôvée 40 SPF on my hands and face every day. I was out in the scorching sun for many hours every day and never got burnt. I came back with a nice tan in fact and I love this product.


Elsa Hammond, Great Pacific Race solo contestant


I’ve been using it for the last week in preparation for my three month trip across the Pacific. I love that it is moisturising and non-greasy, and am looking forward to using it all the way to Hawaii!


Irene Tan, Resident Marine Biologist 
Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa

I have been using Sôvée for a week now and I am very delighted with it. I love the fact that it does not have a strong scent that I bet the people around me wouldn’t know that I applied something on my skin. It’s very gentle on the skin and it does not cause dryness though I stay in the water for hours. I had actually not used sunblock in the past for the reason that it’s not healthy for the marine creatures. However with the promise of your product to safeguard the human skin and the marine environment at the same time, I did not hesitate and I was not disappointed. Even the fishes are not repelled by it. 🙂

Thank you so much for caring for the marine environment Aethic!


Sundal Roy, Model and Stylist 

Even if it is marine positive certified and Eco-compatible, which is something I consider extremely important, this sunscreen is actually the best I’ve yet to use.  Not only is it extremely lightweight, a little goes a very long way and it absorbs easily.  It is effective at protecting my skin from the sun with a non sticky finish, yet still giving my skin a bit of sheen for a leg-lengthening effect!


Maria Atkinson, Sustainability Strategist and Advocate, Australia

Your product is seriously the nicest sunscreen I have ever worn – and I wear a lot!.

Marianna Goulandris – Designer

Having grown up in Greece, I’m a real sun worshipper. It’s reassuring to know I can now wear a sunscreen that not only protects my skin, but the ocean and its inhabitants as well.

Francesca de Luca – Dancer, Actress, Yoga teacher, Blogger

Nice and comfortable, every morning I mix the 25 SPF with my foundation in order to create a perfect base for my make up and to protect my skin from the sun of Rome.

Hofit Golan, Model, Socialite and TV Presenter

It’s, light, it’s organic, it works… and it did not clog my pores.


Cristel Carrisi – Singer, songwriter, fashion designer 

Avendo la pelle molto delicata e amando il nostro mare, adesso che esiste Sôvée non penso di poter usare altro.

Karine Lydia Bergeron, Beach Bum Tribe Adventures

J’aime la texture, elle pénètre super bien et n’est pas grasse du tout et en plus elle est océan “safe”!

Yasmina Rossi, Model, Photographer, Environmentalist

Cette crème est super agréable

Elly Albers, Owner, Mangrove Info Center, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

This product feels great on your skin and most important; it will not damage our fragile eco system.

Polly Alford, Founder & Managing Director – ReefCI

ReefCI are excited that finally an organisation has developed a product that leaves the coral reefs ‘totally untouched and unharmed’.   Now we can enjoy our beautiful coral seas safely and responsibly without harming the environment – while at the same time protecting ourselves.

Dr Paul Long – Senior Lecturer in Pharmacognosy

Good luck with the launch – everyone I showed the sample to is very impressed and likes the texture and smell of the cream.

Elisabetta Severini, Art Director and Graphic Designer, Italy

I have been testing one of their forthcoming products, a night cream for the face, and it is amazingly luxuriant, truly excellent.

Lorelei Vasil

I spent quite some time following the project up close as an intern. They certainly devoted a lot of time testing and researching the formulation until they got it exactly right. I just got my first production sample and really love it.

Anna Turner, Co-Owner, Haggerstone Island Resort, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

I took a bottle to the island last week and liked it very much. It feels comfortable to use and the SP factor is excellent. I lent it to my son and a few days later he asked if I had any of it to take with him on a sailing trip. Now that is something coming from him!

Dr Lida Pet-Soede, WWF Coral Triangle Program Leader

The products were well received, I hope Aethic Sôvée will take off in the region and I will share your contact information with the hotels that are interested.

Eva Malmström, Creative Director, Soneva Resorts

This product is exactly the sort of thing that skin and the oceans need and deserve. I will be receiving it soon and can’t wait to try it.

Luisa Eckhard, Arbeit Gessulat, Munich, Germany

The cream smells fresh and isn’t sticky or oily. It dries fast and leaves a cooling feeling on the skin. I also love the simple stylish design of the pack.

Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Business Woman of the Year 2011 and CEO of Nosh Detox

The packaging looks good and stylish and the cream is easily absorbed into the skin, which for women is very important.

Pernilla Werner, Dermatologi & Osteopatikliniken, Helsingborg

I tried it myself twice and like the consistency, feel and smell. Also used it as the last step in resurfacing treatments today to see if anyone gets an allergic reaction. There was none. So far I love the product!!

Heidi Palmboom – Surfer -Western Province R.S.A. U20 Girls Champion

Thank you so much, this stuff is amazing! So happy! I’ve never used sunblock like that before ; sunblock usually makes me slip off my board when I surf, or sand is always sticking to me. This sunblock isn’t greasy and it smells nice too! 🙂

Swedish World Traveller

Today I received something I have waited for all my life. A new sunscreen that is not sticky, a sunscreen that has high protection, a sunscreen that lasts, a sunscreen that is ecocompatible, that comes in a bottle I can just toss out without damage to our hurt earth and best of all that does not itch and make my skin break out in a blotchy rash. Thank you Aethic!