Prevent damage to your skin - and the ocean. Our sunscreen has world's only patented ecocompatible formula and all our products go as far as we can towards sustainability.

  • Aethic spurs industry with Prove it!

    At the INNOCOS conference in Florence today, skincare company Aethic announced its Prove it! campaign urging greater transparency and the substantiation of eco-claims across the sunscreen sector. Thousands of sunscreens containing ingredients which are harmful to coral will be banned once a global landmark bill presented by Senator Mike Gabbard in Hawaii is signed by Gov. David Ige.

  • Photo-stability labelling announced

    New voluntary photo-stability sunscreen labelling announced. The under-reported photo-stability aspect of sunscreens is to get greater prominence on-pack with a rating system proposed by London-based skincare company Aethic. Photo-stability indicates how quickly a sun filter degrades when exposed to sun light. Photo-unstable filters degrade quickly leaving skin vulnerable to burning and skin damage after a relatively short […]

  • Do it with “lef”

    In our founder’s native Dutch, “lef” means a combination of daring, audacity and courage. Lef is in Aethic’s DNA and is embodied by the sports women and men who, like you, use our products; it underpins the way we’ve taken on the bigger companies in skincare and it’s how we approach the huge challenge of […]

  • Aethic joins Volvo Ocean Race with Vestas 11th Hour Racing

    Aethic has been announced as the official sunscreen provider for Vestas 11th Hour Racing in the 2017-18 race. Says Vestas 11th Hour Racing: “Aethic Sôvée satisfies our strict performance and sustainability criteria in a world in which several ingredients have been revealed to harm coral and marine life. While one of these ingredients, oxybenzone, has […]

  • Exclusive worldwide licence

    Aethic has been granted an exclusive worldwide licence by King’s College London for the use of their novel formulations containing a naturally occurring compound found in seaweed which protects skin from the sun’s most harmful UV rays. The active ingredient, to be known by the registered trade mark Photamin®, is part of the MAA (mycosporine-like […]

  • Real yachtsman

    Vendée Globe yachtsman ‘goes blue’ to save coral from sunscreens   New Zealander Conrad Colman, whose yacht is 100% naturally powered, is joining the fight to save coral from sunscreen damage with The Going Blue Foundation.   He will be promoting the foundation’s “Coral is Moral” campaign and will also be using world’s only proven […]

  • People love Aethic

    Annabel van Westerop, current world no.2 kitesurfer, is an Ambassadress for AETHIC and uses Sôvée during competition. Photo credit: Jonathan Beana



Ecosunscreen company @Aethic has successfully defended its patent against a competitor's challenge at the European Patents Office. @Aethic raised over £6,000 on CrowdJustice to protect its business. Learn more:… globalcosmeticsnews.…