Become an Aethic Ambassador and Sales Affiliate

We invite you to become an Aethic Ambassador and Sales Affiliate;  When you help us get more customers, this allows you to earn from the good work you are doing.

Aethic is set to become one of the planet’s most appreciated brands and is the only company to have a scientifically validated patented ecocompatible sunscreen. Its range of products, commencing with Sôvée sunscreen, protect and nurture our skin and keep nature unharmed.

As an Aethic Ambassador and Sales Affiliate (or online agent/fair referrer) you will have had contributed to starting a movement that brings protected skin and intact marine life to your friends, contacts and customers.

Our affiliate system provides you with your own secure account, allowing you to monitor sales activity processed via your unique affiliate I.D.

Your unique I.D. is part of a web URL link that you place appropriately on your web site, blog, emails and social networks.

When a customer comes to Aethic via this link, all purchases will be recorded accordingly and your affiliate account credited with a minimum of 15%. Aethic always remits money due to you promptly.

Be an Aethic Ambassador and Sales Affiliate and play your part with us in the move to safer skin care and safer seas.