Why Aethic

Aethic was founded on the principle that your skin and the natural environment are each incredibly valuable and therefore they deserve the best care you can possibly give to them.

Fragrance comparison

In a test conducted by a market research company on Copa Cabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, we compared our product with the most expensive sunscreen available in London.

On a like for like basis for spreadability and absorption of the product, 69% preferred Aethic Sôvée’s fragrance to that of the most expensive product on the market. (sample 80 people).

Personal recommendation

Rochelle Ballard is one of the world’s leading women surfers and lives in Hawaii. She leads a beach lifestyle and is very selective in all the products she uses. We sent her samples of Aethic Sôvée to try in rather extreme surfing conditions – where there is much sun exposure and intense water pressure/friction on sunscreens. Here is what she says:

Me and my surfer girlfriends have been using it the last two weeks.  It smells good, feels good and works well. Now that I sampled it I’m actually missing it in my life. I really enjoy the smell and it isn’t too thick on the skin.  Please send more 🙂 ~ Rochelle

Aethic takes care of the world you enjoy

Our scientific research is focused on ingredients that do not damage the sensitive cells of your skin nor delicate marine life such as living coral.

Aethic Sôvée  is the first sunscreen in the world to be awarded the prestigious Marine Positive Certificate.