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    It’s gorgeous!

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    Fantastic Product

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    Literally the best sunscreen I have ever used, and I have tried them all! Can’t believe I am writing this, but am switching from my organic zinc oxide fave to this one, pronto. Just ordered my second bottle! Why? Because even uncoated zinc oxide still bleaches our precious coral reefs, enlarges pores over time and takes ages to apply. And one still burns unless one reapplies. Not with this triple-filter, photostable and eco compatible sunscreen in a bio bottle and glueless box, handcrafted in Italy ( bottle) and Sweden ( box with fantastic info.) Certified marine positive and patented, non-comedogenic Sovee feels like cool cashmere, keeping my face moist and glowing. My skin used to be very dry and zinc/titanium oxide sunscreens damaged its barrier function and dried it out further. Not Sovee, after days in blistering sun by the ocean, to my utter delight, my face remained baby soft to the touch, cool and hydrated intensely. Its subtle, exquisite scent matches its elegant formulation gorgeously. Ethical luxury-the only sunscreen worldwide to protect marine wildlife while keeping my skin super smooth and matte all day long. Bravo!

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